Simple, Powerful Tools for Government

CityGrows makes it easy for governments to collect information,
manage processes, collaborate with the public, and create and share open data.

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Collaborate with the public
Give your constituents the ability to launch processes (permitting, requests, payments, etc) and submit their information directly into your workflow.
Manage your Workflow
Collaborate with co-workers and across departments on everything from the simplest to the longest processes. We'll tell you what needs your attention next.
Be Transparent
We make it easy to publish real-time, open data for your processes, accessible via public dashboards and APIs.

Built for Governments of All Shapes and Sizes

Governments use CityGrows to manage a wide variety of processes

  • Permitting
  • Contests
  • Requests for service
  • Procurement
  • Payments

All CityGrows processes automatically generate open data

We believe in Transparency

That’s why we give all our users free,
unlimited transparent processes.

If you'd like to keep your data private, visit our
pricing page to find a plan that works for you.

Efficient, effective, and free

See how governments use CityGrows to be more effective and provide high-quality service to constituents.