Basic Steps and Setup Options For All Step Types

Most CityGrows users start their processes off with a Basic Step. Basic steps are a great place to do thing like:

  1. Communicate instructions
  2. Go over the requirements for a permit or program
  3. Give applicants a heads up about information that will be required later in the process

When you add a basic step, you'll decide whether the applicant advances the process, or someone internal to your organization.

Just like with all steps, you'll have 3 options that appear near the top:

You can add a timeframe - a number of days. This can be handy to make sure that processes aren't slowing down too much. If a step isn't completed within a certain timeframe, it will show as Overdue in your dashbaord.

You can add instructions - this is the place to add in the program requirements or other info.

You can add an email notification: this will be automatically sent to the applicant (the person who launched the process) when the step is completed.

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