Processing payments with CityGrows: Overview

Because many government processes involve fees or payments, CityGrows supports online payments as part of our workflow tools. When applicants pay fees to complete a transaction on CityGrows, those fees are processed through a third party payment processor (currently, Stripe), and then transferred to your local government’s bank account on a rolling basis, on a schedule you can set. And don't worry, you don't have to go to the Stripe site directly - you set up all your account information within the CityGrows platform.

You may begin processing payments before you have connected your bank account, however you will not be able to transfer the money out of CityGrows until an account is connected and verified.

Workflows involve common government activities, like collecting information, accepting fee payments, reviews, collecting community feedback, and issuing permits. CityGrows earns revenue by taking a small percentage of payments processed on our platform.

It’s up to each local government to decide whether to absorb those fees, or whether they pass them on to constituents (in the latter scenario the basic CityGrows plan is completely free for the local government). The decision about how fees are charged is available for the administrator to set on each template.

For more information, see our Pricing FAQ.


  • We charge a 4.9% + $0.30 transaction fee for all transactions processed.
  • The 4.9% fee includes the Stripe payment processor's 2.9% fee, plus an additional 2% fee that CityGrows charges on each payment processed through our platform. We use this 2% fee to fund our operations, our technology development- it's what allows us to provide our business process platform at no up-front cost for public processes for local governments.
  • Once you've connected your bank account, we transfer accrued balances to your account on a rolling basis, on the frequency you set.
  • Chargebacks will be deducted from your account. You can see details on how you can manage chargebacks and charge disputes on the CityGrows platform here.

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