About CityGrows

CityGrows is a workflow and transparency platform for local governments. We make it easy for governments to transition away from inefficient paper processes and into the digital world. CityGrows improves the experience of interacting with public services for constituents and government employees, while increasing public access to information about how government works. Our cloud-hosted platform is a simple, straightforward, and highly functional alternative to the expensive and technically-challenging solutions typically used by governments. Our goal is to make interacting with your local government as easy as tracking a package online or ordering a pizza.

CityGrows creates a collaborative, constructive, and inclusive government ecosystem that promotes civic engagement and creates strong bonds between constituents and their governments.

The CityGrows platform allows any government employee –regardless of technical skill – to structure and improve their workflows by collecting information from the public, automating constituent communications, processing online payments, and making the work they’re doing easily accessible as open, understandable data.

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